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Don’t settle for the forgettable noise created by today’s television speakers. Designed to be thinner than ever, their built-in drivers simply don’t have room to produce the type of sound that independent speaker systems are capable of.

If, however, you don’t want to spend as much on audio components as you spent on your TV, or don’t have the space to accommodate them, don’t worry – we’ve got your back. The latest addition to Kanto’s audio lineup provides the booming lows and crisp highs you know you deserve, all within a low-profile design.

Meet GRANDSTAND – liberator of sound and acoustic companion to your television. From ominous rumbles to adrenaline-pumping explosions, this specially designed speaker system will stir emotions in you that your TV speakers could only dream of doing.

With five independent drivers, including a downward-firing subwoofer, you’ll be surprised how little space GRANDSTAND takes up. Its acoustic-grade cabinet is designed to be placed directly under your TV, and is tastefully crafted to complement your modern lifestyle.

And in true Kanto fashion, we’ve packed it with all sorts of connectivity. With the push of a button, seamlessly switch from streaming your favorite music to experiencing high-quality cinematic sound, made available via GRANDSTAND’s optical input.

Hi-Fi sound. Low-profile design. GRANDSTAND is the solution to the less-than-satisfying performance of today’s TV speakers.