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SX Fillable Speaker Stands

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Kanto SX Series

What Are The Best Fillable Speaker Stands?

What are the best speaker stands? Can speaker stands improve audio quality? What do speaker stands do? All of these questions are answered by Kanto’s new line of fillable speaker stands.

The Kanto SX Series fillable speaker stands are ultra-premium floor-standing speaker stands. They deliver class-leading audio performance with innovative features and abilities. The SX series is for customers who want affordable products that give premium sound results. Audiophiles and amateurs alike can benefit from the creative and effective features this line offers.

They include tons of features you will enjoy and that you are looking for in high-end stands.

The SX Series of Fillable Speaker Stands

It is simply a fact that speakers randomly placed on furniture never sound as good as those placed on speaker stands. You need a dedicated place for your speakers so you can move them around to find the best sound. Furniture may not be placed in an ideal position which may result in peaks or valleys in certain frequencies.

Unfortunately, most affordable speaker stands are too light and prone to vibrations. Kanto is a best-in-class product that competes or beats others in both quality and value.

SX Series Features

Kanto offers its SX Series Fillable Speakers stands in two sizes. The SX22 is 22″ in height while the SX26 is 26″ in height. Both options are available in white or black finishes.

Both the SX22 and the SX26 have the same features to give you the best experience at the height you need.

The Base

Each stand offers proprietary adjustable isolation feet connected to a heavy steel base. Each is screwed into a silicone cap fitted on the stand. With this design, there is no metal-to-metal contact, which enhances the stability while reducing vibrations.

This decouples the speaker stands from the floor to prevent vibrations from transferring into the room. Also, your floors are protected by the no-scratch silicone bottom.

This design improves safety by preventing tipping. It also reduces unwanted resonance that can affect the quality of your sound.

Bubble Level

To take out the guesswork, we include a bullseye bubble level that can be placed anywhere to ensure the stands are perfectly level. All it takes is a simple adjustment from above with the included hex key. Now you can adjust the feet to a perfect level.

This allows you to adjust from the top rather than below the base. This makes it easy to adjust the stand without putting it on its side, placing it back on its feet, and then repeating. We designed this process to be accurate and easy.

Fillable Bag

Kanto includes a fillable bag for mess-free filling. We also include zip ties to close up the bags. You can use whatever fill you choose to enhance stability and improve bass response. Thanks to this feature, there is virtually no vibration and sonic output is uncluttered by distortion or unwanted resonance.

This also makes it easier to remove the fill if you need to move your speaker stands without making a mess.

Dedicated Cable Management Path

This dedicated cable management path gives you a neat and clean appearance. It makes it simple to run, store, and hide all of your cable speakers elegantly and easily.

You can run multiple thick cables through without running out of room or interfering with your fill. You can make on-the-fly changes easier without having to dismantle the stand.

Top Plates

The two different size top plates make it easy to fit the stand to your speakers. The SX Series fillable stands work with all different sizes of speakers. Small screw holes at each corner allow you to secure a wood speaker cabinet with screws. Kanto also includes optional adhesive-backed closed-cell foam pads for each size top plate.

Benefits of SX Fillable Speaker Stands

These stands give you countless additional benefits. They can complement any decor and use a clean and minimalist design. The adjustable design lets you place the speakers in the ideal location for your room. You can even align tweeters with your ears in nearly any size room or seating position.

You can achieve high-quality sound with these adaptable speaker stands.

Choose the Fillable Stand That is Right for You

Kanto Audio has been manufacturing and designing audio products since 2007. Our mission is to provide an auditory experience that excites the senses and delivers high-quality audio performance. The SX Series Fillable Speaker Stands represent the next level for laid-back listeners, hardcore gamers, and vinyl enthusiasts alike.

Kanto speakers offer you an affordable option with high-end features. Your high-quality speakers deserve a stand that enhances and protects their audio output. For more information, visit our website.

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SX Series

Fillable Floor Stands


Height: 22″ & 26″ Tall
Weight Capacity: 40 lb per stand
Cable Management:
Colors: Black & White

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Height: 26″ & 32″ Tall
Weight Capacity: 30 lb per stand
Cable Management:
Colors: Black & White


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Height: 6″ Tall
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Height: 9″ Tall
Weight Capacity: 30 lb per stand
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